Unstoppable Domains Alternative - Quik is Here

Launched in 2022, Quik.world is an Unstoppable Domains alternative that aims to make minting and trading of NFT domains smooth and easy. The lifetime royalty we offer also provides good value for your efforts in the long haul.

Minting NFT Domains Made Easy

Minting and trading blockchain domains on Quik is ridiculously easy. Like Unstoppable Domains, you can log in or signup simply using your Metamask wallet and start minting instantly. The entire minting process takes less than 10 minutes!

Manage Your NFT Domains More Efficiently

Quik's seamless integration system allows you to trade your crypto domains on Opensea.io and other marketplaces. The current NFT Domain TLDs are based on the Ethereum blockchain, but we plan to integrate more chains such as Binance Smart Chain and Gate Chain in the Quik ecosystem in the future.

Build Your Brand in Web 3.0

You fully own Quik domains with no renewal fees and build decentralized websites and NFT galleries on top of them, similar to Unstoppable Domains. In addition, Quik domain names act as universal id across Web 3.0, allowing you to build your own brand on the internet of tomorrow.

Crypto Assets Portability Across Metaverses

Quik crypto domains are essentially NFTs that you can store in your crypto wallets. When you use our NFT domain names as a universal user name, it also carries all your digital holdings. This data portability makes it easier for you to jump from one metaverse to another.

How Quik is Different than Unstoppable Domains

  • Like Transactions Unstoppable Domains, You are Well Familiar with, Quik Also Offer Transparent and Secure Transactions Based on Blockchain
  • Earn 5% to 10% Royalties on Every Subsequent Sale of Crypto Domain Names You Mint on Quik
  • Innovative UX and UI That Needs You to Put Minimum Efforts
  • Streamline Your Brand Across Web 3.0 Free From Centralized Corporations

Quik.world or Quik NFT domains marketplace offers NFTs, Non-Fungible Tokens linked with TLDs, Top-Level domains we created. Our TLDs, akin to Unstoppable Domains, are not part of the traditional DNS system nor associated with central entities ICANN. These NFT domains hold value within the Quik ecosystem.

The Quik NFT domain, as with Unstoppable Domains, can be accessed using any crypto wallet. Once we launch Quik Extension for Chrome, you will be able to use their various features, including replacing your crypto wallet addresses and building decentralized websites.

We are currently in an alpha stage and have put forth 10 TLDs:

These TLDs are exclusive from our coequals like Unstoppable Domains, which offers extensions like .crypto, .nft, .x, .bitcoin, .888, .dao, .zil, and .coin.

We aim to continue updating our crypto domains and add more use cases as the Quik ecosystem grows.

Quik Aims to Bring More than Unstoppable Domains

As we move forward in our journey with Quik.world, we aim to add more TLDs and develop an innovative Quik web extension.

NFT domains in general, including blockchain domain names offered by Unstoppable Domains, are accessible using browsers like Brave and Opera. And we are positive that more browsers will add support for crypto domains.

However, we at Quik aim to launch our web extension as soon as possible to ensure that our domains are compatible with Chrome.

Quik supports Metamask and Trust Wallet, but we look forward to adding support for more wallets in the coming future. Our aim is to make your transition to Web 3.0 effortless and easier, and for that, we need to ensure that our NFT domains support the wallets that you own.

Quik's Growth So Far

Quik was started with a simple idea, bridging the innovation gap for mainstream adoption of Web 3.0, the wb's next iteration. Our peer, Unstoppable Domains, had already built the foundation of the next generation of domain names, but we aim to take the concept to another level.

We are always listening to members of the Quik ecosystem and everyone who is part of the community. We have made several improvements and new launches over the past few months through your feedback.

Together, including our peers like Unstoppable Domains, we aim to not only make your journey towards Web 3.0 easier; we want to unlock faster, better, and more secure experiences that would boost the innovation towards the internet of tomorrow.

We are incredibly proud of where we have reached so far and the positive response we have received from you. Quik will continue to make smaller improvements to reach its bigger goals.

Here are our favorite breakthroughs:

  • Collaborating with Our Peers: In April 2022, soon after our alpha launch, we built a mutual relationship with Unstoppable Domains to maintain exclusive TLDs on each platform.
  • Introduction of Profile Photos and Verified Profiles: We want you to show off your NFT domain artwork. There is an added layer of trust with a profile verification when you resell your crypto domains on Quik. We are also working on customized landing pages that will allow you to showcase your NFT domain names
  • Reselling on Opensea Made Easier: In May, we updated all our Ethereum contracts to align the functionalities laid down by marketplaces like Opensea. We made the changes to ensure you can resell your Quik domains faster on NFT marketplaces.

Yes, there is still a lot left to do, and we are fully committed to fulfilling our mission. We are even more excited to see what more we can do!

Evaluate Quik Yourself (your fav alternative to Unstoppable Domains)

Try minting NFT domains on Quik yourself. We are sure we will leave you impressed. If you decide to sell your NFT domains yourself, it is made easier on Quik Market, Opensea, and other marketplaces. If you want to build your presence on Web 3.0 with Quik crypto domains, we offer support for that too. Let's navigate the future together!

So, what are you waiting for? Start minting on Quik today.