Internet of Tomorrow

Quik is here to offer blockchain domains, an exciting development in the decentralized internet of tomorrow. They have the power to change the way we use the internet with an added layer of functionality, transparency, and security.

Traditionally, internet domains have played a vital role in developing the web we know today. But as the internet and technology evolved, it has become an undemocratic and complex place.

That’s why blockchain technology has become crucial. There is a need to revamp the internet to return the power and control to users. Quik is building blockchain domains to accomplish this, to lay the foundation for a truly decentralized internet.

Unlike traditional domains stored on a centralized service, blockchain domains are held on the publicly accessible blockchain. It offers an impressive level of openness and security - with each user holding control of their data. Blockchain or NFT domains are called alternate roots. They are independent of ICANN and traditional DNS.

In the past, blockchain domains had limited functionalities. However, in an era with smart contracts, the potential for blockchain domains has become much more exciting!

Advantages of blockchain domains over traditional domains:

  • Decentralized
  • Censorship Resistant
  • Improved Ownership
  • No Domain Renewal Fees
  • Enable Agile Crypto Transactions

Blockchain domains offer much more functionality compared to traditional domains that are fairly one-dimensional and serve limited, narrow purposes. There is a possibility of building programs on top of the domain and running them like apps. Users can inspect the records of existing domains and even build software to interact with them.

In short, they offer a lot more room for experimentation and engagement

Applications of blockchain domains:

  • Crypto Address
  • Universal username across websites and apps
  • Building decentralized websites
  • Identity verification

Blockchain domains are disruptive innovations and have the potential to push the idea of true decentralization and democratization. They can make the internet what it was always envisioned to be.

At Quik, we are certain that blockchain domain names offer significant benefits to users, opening the gateway to the internet of tomorrow.

Mint your first NFT domain with Quik and get your journey to the internet of tomorrow started now!

Internet of tomorrow