Start Your Web 3.0 Journey With

Start Your Web 3.0 Journey With


From blockchain to Web 3.0, the internet of tomorrow, we at make it easy to secure NFT domains for your next big idea!

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The internet is about to make a significant technological breakthrough. While experts are still baffled by the web’s next iteration — Web 3.0 — we know that AI and blockchain technology will build the internet of tomorrow. And NFT domains we offer at will have a big role.

The leap will bust the big techs’ monopoly on the data. And when we try to break up a monopoly, it creates a new wave of business opportunities. The same is the case with Web 3.0.

Today, our whole life is on the internet; you run your business online, stay in touch with your friends and families, watch movies, and do more. However, every single byte of your data is handled by big corporations, whether Amazon, Google, or Meta.

But, it won’t be like that on the internet of tomorrow. Web 3.0, based on blockchain, will unlock new possibilities without any giant intermediaries to interact with the web.

Now is the right time for forward-thinking businesses to participate in this brave new world. And we at Quik offer you an effortless place to lay the groundwork.

What’s Web 3.0?

Many of us wish we could have bought bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies much earlier if we knew more about them. Though you may have missed that opportunity, you still have another chance with Web 3.0. But what is this Web 3.0, and how did we get here?

The internet era started with a static web or also known as Web 1.0 when we used to connect with other computers via wire. At that time, personal web pages were common, static pages hosted via free web hosting services.

We improved UI and UX to improve collaboration and interaction as the web progress. The web became participative instead of static. The rise of Web 2.0 also led to sites like Amazon, Facebook, and Amazon. Most of the web we are using now is Web 2.0, or social web.

It also brought ads, which we now see everywhere, with our data controlled by a few entities. These companies have formed a monopoly over time, seriously threatening user privacy.

Enters Web 3.0, a way to bypass these giant corporations and give control of the data back to users. It is the 3rd generation of the web, built on blockchain technology.

The decentralized nature of blockchain technology makes it difficult to manipulate any data as all users on the network verify each transaction.

However, since the technology is still new, you will need a digital wallet to fully explore this internet of tomorrow. You can configure one for free using Meta Mask.

These crypto wallets allow several things:

  • A place to hold NFTs
  • Access to Web 3.0 Apps, or DApps (Decentralized Apps)
  • A place to store and stake crypto tokens
  • Entry into DeFi (Decentralized Finance)

Unless you connect your crypto wallet with a metaverse, your interaction ability with it will remain limited.

The Significance of NFT Domains

Web 3.0 reduces the need for centralized regulation and hierarchical functions. Everyone can see the information on a blockchain, offering 100% transparency. And since there is no centralized entity, it also offers a certain freedom that can accelerate creativity and technology within the space.

At the same time, however, there is limited accountability. Hence, if you make a mistake with your wallet, there is no plan B like consumer protection. The responsibility rests with individuals.

Enters NFT domains. Those versed with the dot com trend in the early 2000s understand the importance of domains. The same is happening with crypto domains; this time, they are coming with new extensions and added functionalities.

Below are some NFT domain extensions we offer at

The NFT domains you purchase or mint here on are stored on a public blockchain like Ethereum, Gate Chain, and BSC. NFT domains simplify crypto transactions by replacing cumbersome and lengthy digital wallet addresses with easy-to-remember names.

Crypto domains available here on are similar to traditional domain names, revolutionizing the static web by replacing complex IP addresses.

Besides being used as a universal name on Web 3.0, Quik NFT domains are also censorship-resistant when used as URLs for websites built through InterPlanetary File System (IPFS).

But, Why

Below are a few major features our Quik NFT domains offer:

  • No renewal or gas fees
  • Access to decentralized apps
  • 5 to 10% lifetime royalties to minters
  • Free NFT artworks

Most users purchase NFT domains to use as personal identifiers; they replace complex addresses of multiple crypto wallets with a simple domain name, simplifying the sharing of payment information.

However, you can also use Quik domain names to host your Web 3.0 apps and websites. Since each NFT domain name is unique, you can use the scarcity of unique identifiers as speculative investments.

There are also additional advantages of using our platform Quik to start your Web 3.0 journey since it offers

  • An advanced search system and intuitive UI on our marketplace allow users to mint, purchase, and trade crypto domains quickly and with minimum effort.
  • Quik offers businesses the infrastructure to shift from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0.

For now, Quik NFT domains only work within the Quik ecosystem. Hence, you will need to install our Quik browser or plugin, which we aim to avail by the end of the year. However, we will soon make our domains more accessible as the platform grows.

Click here to start your Web 3.0 journey with Quik today!

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