Introducing $QUIK Token and our plans for future integration

Introducing $QUIK Token and our plans for future integration


We are ready to launch the $QUIK Token, a utility token with a plethora of integrations and features to unfold.

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It has been a month since we last released our mega-update (1), which included the QUIK API and new features for our NFT domains (2). However, it is time for us to concentrate on our native cryptocurrency.

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We have been well known for our exclusive NFT domain collection, but as we move further, we look forward to introducing the utility token QUIK Token (3). Although many of you have already seen the QUIK Token's initial symbol and signs on our official website, you could not access them because we did not yet formally release the QUIK Token.

However, you can now access the QUIK Token, as it will soon be listed on several exchanges and our platform.

The launch date will be announced soon, but we can already confirm that it will be within the next few months, with the first big unfolds starting today, November 7, 2022. In the meantime, we're announcing the pre-launch concepts of the QUIK Token so you can get a quick overview; the beta version will be available soon with all the details.

However, we can confidently say that owners of NFT domain names will enjoy various benefits and privileges following the launch of our QUIK Token. QUIK Token will be made accessible during a later launch for anyone who does not own one of our NFT domains.

What is QUIK Token?

The QUIK Token is our native token or cryptocurrency that can be acquired using QUIK Token Distribution Contracts and is designed to facilitate several features and functions on the Ethereum Chain and Binance Smart Chain.

Users can claim the Token based on the Ethereum Chain using ETH (4); similarly, users can claim the Token based on the Binance Smart Chain using BNB (5).

Without an exportable private key that contains all of the exchanges, QUIK Token cannot be claimed. Similar to how they must use their ETH accounts to pay ETH to the QUIK Token distribution contract and to claim the QUIK Token, customers must first make sure their wallets are compatible with before proceeding with the exchange.

To identify and maintain track of the token, you can also check through CoinMarketCap (6) and other indexes. The new token will inspire a mainstream crypto economy centered around our IP, accessible on our platform and numerous exchanges.

We are enticed by the public debut of our utility token, which is built on several features along with exchange functionality and integration through dApps and platforms. The QUIK ecosystem will become more utility-driven by having this coin as its main token.

Additionally, the QUIK token will benefit the most users holding NFT domains (7), and also those holding tokens would eventually unlock future features related to the token's utility purpose. Also, remember that pre-whitelisting will be necessary for receiving early access to the token and will grant direct access to the token.

Shortly, the coin is anticipated to open up several features that could be connected to exchanges and also within the ecosystem. We'll keep you informed of all the most recent information here to keep you current with the QUIK Token-related announcements and updates in the future.