The October 2022 Mega-Update grants's NFT domain owners access to the brand-new "edit feature" and many more.

The October 2022 Mega-Update grants's NFT domain owners access to the brand-new "edit feature" and many more.


With more features arriving the following week,'s Mega-Update brings premium features for Quik users!

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With more features arriving the following week,'s Mega-Update brings premium features for Quik users!

29 September 2022: introduces a new set of premium features in the 2022 mega-update, including a new "edit feature" that opens a variety of segments for enchanting NFT domains and significant new releases scheduled for this coming week for Quik users.

The premium feature unlocking for Quik users is scheduled for the upcoming week, along with launching a new API designed to flip the script with a small Chrome extension. The core focus is improving NFT domains and developing sustainable, simple, and premium methods for running and hosting decentralized websites using's TLDs.

The Mega-Update focuses on improving features for user convenience with the primary goal of building a better and user-friendly place that enables our users to have an independently creative decentralized experience.

Sahil Kohli, Founder of

Update 1: Change Info for your NFT Domain

The "edit feature" is the first of many improvements is launching that will be added to each NFT domain now available on With this tool, NFT domain owners can edit their NFT domains and add various addressing details.

Users of Quik can add cryptocurrency wallet addresses. Currently, six blockchains are supported: ETH, BTC, DOGE, BNB, SOL & LTC) and text records like email, keywords, notices, Twitter URLs, Web URLs, Discord URLs, Reddit URLs, and Telegram URLs.

This will enhance the NFT domain and give a brief overview of how the user has used their NFT domain. It will also provide a brief overview regarding the NFT domain owner, which will significantly boost the credibility of the NFT domain.

This premium feature will improve NFT domain accessibility and make the NFT domain marketplace more convenient for initiating negotiations and interacting with other users owing to the supported cryptocurrencies, which include Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), Binance (BNB), Solana (SOL), and Litecoin (LTC).

Update 2:'s API Launch

The highly anticipated API update has finally launched, and new API docs will be publicly released next week. This new feature focuses on improving the user experience and enables users to access the data uploaded by NFT domain users under the new "edit feature."

All of these connected updates are aimed at providing a user-oriented interface for developing a creatively decentralized experience for users. The new API feature will also make it easier for users to replace crypto addresses with the NFT domain name.

Crypto addresses are non-human readable complex algorithms, and's NFT TLDs attempt to replace the complexities with simplicity. The forthcoming API launch will make it even better for users by adding specifics and claims along with human-readable NFT domain names.

Sahil Kohli

Understanding API: API stands for Application Program Interface, which enables two software elements to interact using a set of terms and protocols. For instance, the "edit feature" interacts with's API to connect wallet information and interact with the user who requested information about the NFT domain.

This will give Quik users easy access to the NFT domain, its owner, and the NFT domain's use cases.

Update 3: Front-end API Tools for everyone

Next week, front-end API tools will also be available to the general public. Users can access any domain's information using the API after validating their Ethereum wallet with just one click.

Coming Next:'s Chrome Extension

The team plans to create a "chrome extension" that will enable quick connections across online applications with significant and practical integration as part of a new feature that is long-listed for release in the future. Users can improve their browsing experience and create quick shortcuts to their decentralized websites by installing a Chrome extension.

The team at is focusing on the "payments" function to make the concept quicker for consumers by integrating NFT domains and swapping out non-human readable crypto wallet addresses with human-readable ones to customize's NFT domain names.

Upcoming:'s Template Builder is also launching a "template builder" function that enables users to drag-and-drop builders to build decentralized websites using NFT domains and's landing page/website for users. To make it simpler for customers to create and improve their decentralized websites, is partnering with important web development companies. The landing page/website provides further information regarding the use case of the NFT domain.

The core focus of the Quik team is on decentralized websites as the Web 3.0 game is setting standards and taking multiple revolutionary turns. Keeping up with the trend and adapting to it has been the most difficult aspect of the current era, and is partnering with major web 3.0 developers to create tools that will help Quik users launch websites using and keep up with the technological trend.

The current technological developments are all geared towards Web 3.0 integration, and maintaining the pace will enable users to compete with technological titans who are also new to the decentralized technology and are looking for ways to develop their establishment similar to the centralized web 2.0.

This presents a significant opportunity for users to work alongside technology and technological titans who run the centralized web 2.0.

With the Mega-Update, aims to stay competitive while advancing ways for Quik users and their NFT domains to creatively utilize the decentralized features to have autonomy for escaping and unleashing their creativity and keep up with the evolving technology trends.

Keeping up with technical trends early makes it simpler to rank ahead of the competition. As the decentralized web 3.0 is still in its early stages, now is the ideal opportunity to create a decentralized experience with decentralized features for a decentralized future.

Sahil Kohli

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