What are Quik.com NFT domains, and how do they work?

What are Quik.com NFT domains, and how do they work?

NFT Domains

Quik.com intends to issue a series of blockchain NFT domain names that will be simple to claim and mint on the public ledgers of certain blockchains made available by the company. Let’s start with a definition of what blockchain domains are.

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Blockchain domains are simply domain names backed by a blockchain and built on smart contacts. Blockchain domains are relatively new. They are minted or pushed from centralized servers onto the public ledgers of a blockchain, where one can get entire domain name ownership and will not be required to pay any registration or renewal fees to any third-party service providers.

Decentralized Web3 domains, as they are frequently referred to, will be constructed using blockchain domains as the building blocks. When it comes to blockchain domain names, there is a plethora of functionality that comes with them.

For example, blockchain domains can be linked to your cryptocurrency wallets to facilitate transactions. In most cases, the names of these wallets are comprised of a long string of digits and letters that are difficult to recall and have a high likelihood of being mistyped. Through blockchain domains, you can link your cryptocurrency wallet to a tiny and easily memorizable URL, which you can then use to route your payments through it and into your cryptocurrency wallet.

Furthermore, you can create decentralized websites using your blockchain domain name and the above. Except for you, there will never be another person in charge of the website. You can publish anything you want without worrying about censorship or domain registrars removing your domain from their servers. You can also create utility applications on the website based on the blockchain.

Blockchains and smart contracts will fundamentally alter how we think about the internet as we know it today. Blockchain domain names will play a significant role in bringing about that transformation. The decentralized web and the incorporation of blockchain websites will undoubtedly usher in a new era of computing.

How to register a domain name with Quik.com

After launching its blockchain domain name registry, Quik.com will offer a specific listing for blockchain domain names. You can construct a domain name with the desired blockchain extension and then mint it from this page if you choose.

Generally speaking, minting is defined as the process by which your domain name is transferred from traditional servers to the decentralized public ledgers of the domain above name.

After your domain name has been registered, it will be fully yours, and there will be no second thoughts about who owns what. You will not be required to pay registration or renewal fees to anyone or any organization. It will stay yours in perpetuity and until you decide to put it on the market and sell it for a good price one day.

Difference between blockchain domains from conventional domains

Conventional domain names are stored on servers controlled by domain registrars, who, in turn, control the domain names themselves. In blockchain domain names, there is no censorship and no continuous supervisor. Therefore, this creates desired qualities. Openness and individual ownership are unique to Blockchain domain names, which are impossible with conventional domain names.

It’s also important to assess the level of self-sufficiency that the blockchain domains can provide. Designing them to display many apps on web pages is possible. In addition, these domain names provide privacy and secrecy not possible with standard domain names.

Blockchain domain names are still in their infancy, so they can’t be utilized in every location. Traditional web browsers, including Internet Explorer, cannot access blockchain domain names. To use blockchain domain names, you will either need to install an extension on your browser or download a new browser that supports blockchain domain names.

What are the blockchain domain name extensions that will be available on Quik.com?

After the release of Quik.com, you will have the ability to access a list of domain names that are currently available and even create a new domain name with your defined name with the addition of the domain extensions that will be available.

After that, you will be presented with an option via which you will be enabled to mint the blockchain domain name on the shared database of your choice blockchain, such as Ethereum or the Binance smart chain, among other options.

Having minted your web3 domain name, you can list it for sale or stash it away by moving it into your cryptocurrency wallet for protection. It remains your property until you plan to sell it or hand over control to another party.


Blockchain domain names will be the face of the internet of tomorrow, and Quik.com plans to make the process of getting your hands on them easy and appreciable. After its release, the Quik.com platform will have many options through which you can mint, list, sell, and buy blockchain domain names and pay in cryptocurrency.