Mint your Web3 Domain by and start your decentralized realm!

Mint your Web3 Domain by and start your decentralized realm!

NFT Domains

Web3 Domains have the potential to shape the adaptability and accessibility of the entire web3 space. is working as a gateway here, with the minting of Web3 domains going live on the platform, allowing anyone to establish their decentralized realm.

Let’s explore Web3 Domains!

Did you know? The entire Web3 ecosystem is impervious to hacking due to bug efforts, multisig wallets, and securing a fail and safe technique to reduce hacking threats, and Web3 Domains making it human-friendly by replacing complex computer algorithms.

What is Web3?

Web3 is technically a cryptocurrency plugin that makes use of blockchain technology. Simply said, it is the next generation of the World Wide Web, incorporating technology such as Blockchain and its decentralized nature, Cryptocurrency, NFTs, and, most notably, Web3 Domains.

It is an open-source network with a content platform built autonomously owing to decentralized mechanisms based on blockchain technology which also powers distributed interactions without centralized clearance.

Similar to how Web2 required traditional domains to make the platform human-friendly, or else it would have just been the developer’s web, Web3 also needs its own name system to the premise of being human-friendly.

What are Web3 Domains?

Web3 Domains are an enhanced version of DNS names introduced to replace complex blockchain addresses with human-readable names to make the platform user-friendly and easily adoptable by average people rather than just developers.

These domains are powered by smart contracts and stored as an NFT on the Blockchain, making the technology compatible and transferable. This means that customers can buy and sell Web3 domains at their leisure.

Web3 Domains are not as popular as DNS since regular domains were first introduced; the entire notion was foreign to humans. But, due to the negative aspects of ICANN-regulated DNS names, Web3 Domains are unquestionably what humanity requires.

Even though we are paying the annual fee for the traditional domain regularly, we never owned the name permanently; we only rented it from providers regulated and linked with ICANN and its other commissioned agencies.

This is completely nullified in the Web3 space since the first thing that was destroyed with the introduction of Web3 domains was ICANN's interference and all of its bodies, and the other is that you now have entire control over your Web3 domains, and that too for the rest of your life.

Because there are no renewals or subscriptions, Web3 domains are a one-time purchase and a far superior alternative to DNS names.

Impact of Web3 Domains on Web3 Space

The entire Web3 space is dependent on Web3 domains. If there are no Web3 domains, it will almost likely become a developer's space, and it's not as if we could construct a country out of it even if we combined all the developers in the world.

Hence, for the technology to reach the typical user, who is always the product, Web3 domains play an important role. They replace complex blockchain addresses that start with "0x" and continue with 40 alphanumeric characters only understandable by computers.

This is why Web3 Domains are required for creating a user's web, which is most likely the true extent of this technology's existence. Web3 domains are at the heart of this feature, allowing users to control what happens with their data and content.

Interacting in the decentralized space would be impossible without Web3 Domains. Can you remember 42 random characters containing usernames and immediately know that person when you read the address again? No.

Web3 Domains also play an important part in the commercial sector, so most brands are rushing to mint their Web3 Domains and create their presence in the decentralized realm.

Web3 Domains and the future of business

A brand can use Web3 Domain to host their decentralized website and acquire its decentralized trademarked names. This can help them capture the attention of all users, both centralized and decentralized, making it one of the main marketing methods of the future.

Brands can utilize it to create a decentralized environment by distributing subdomains to their staff, resulting in an appealing and participatory workplace, another business development approach enabled by Web3 Domains.

If your brand's web3 domain name is brand-dot-web3, it can assign subdomains to its employees, such as name-dot-brand-dot-web3, for interacting professionally with brand events and transferring salaries, among other things.

Businesses can also profit from the extra secured space of blockchain security features, harness the power of blockchain technology for constructing and maintaining a decentralized Web3 website and restricting access only to those with their subdomains, and so on.

These are only the most basic capabilities of Web3 Domains; this technology has many more impactful features, and is the primary gateway for consumers to access Web3 Domains and the dedicated dot-web3 TLD. Web3 Domains is a Web3 Domain marketplace that provides bespoke Web3 name-minting services. These Web3 Domain names are powered by blockchain protocols ERC-721, ERC-1155, BEP-721, and BEP-1155. is now live, minting Web3 Domains for users who want to access decentralized technology and construct their own realm. is a prime gateway for users to access the dot-web3 TLD specifically.

As previously stated, a single user can own and construct an unlimited number of Web3 Domains and subdomains, all of which can be used for different purposes. Web3 has numerous possibilities and applications, and Web3 Domains play a role in every dApp or decentralized website.

You can personalize your Web3 domain and add extensions from the centralized web to help other users recognize your profile and identity using your social extensions. You can also enhance your Web3 Domain by adding cryptocurrency addresses, etc.

Mint your first Web3 Domain and start your decentralized realm

So, here’s how you can mint your first Web3 Domain on

  • Launch’s official and on the top bar, select the “NFT Domains” tab.
  • Now select the “dot-web3” TLD.
  • Now scroll and simply input the name you wish to mint on the search bar boldly visible next to “dot-web3.”
  • Now press enter or simply click on search, and once loaded, at the bottom of the page, you can see the button “mint now.”
  • Click on it and validate the transaction using your MetaMask wallet.

(make sure you have the required cryptocurrency for completing the transaction)

Congratulations on minting your first Web3 Domain; now you can host a decentralized website, create a decentralized corporate space, connect to a wallet, etc., and it is your official web3 identity.

The Future of Web3 Domains

Web3 space has yet to acquire a thorough description, implying that it has not been fully investigated, leaving room for further technologies to be combined with Web3 Domains. Web3 Domains are unquestionably adaptable and can be implemented with any decentralized application.

Web3 Domain's future is undoubtedly full of decentralized possibilities, presenting a warm and bright investment opportunity. Even if you do not intend to use the technology, simply keeping it may prove profitable, like what happened with cryptocurrency.

Now that you know all of these extraordinary features of Web3 Domains, why wait? Web3 domain minting is now live on; quickly obtain your first Web3 domain and begin your decentralized realm.