How to mint and claim your first NFT domain on

How to mint and claim your first NFT domain on

NFT Domains

NFT domains are the new kind of web extensions or domains that are decentralized and available for businesses. These domains provide 100% ownership to their users and are easy to use. Moreover, they don’t need any renewal plan like the conventional domains.

Table of contents currently provides six TLDs (Top-Level Domains). These TLDs are available in the form of .metaverse, .vr, .doge, .shib & .bored. At Quik, each TLD has a 1k-20k domain limit, so you don’t miss getting the domain of your dreams! You can mint, buy, or sell your decentralized domain at or other marketplaces such as!

Since Quik’s website is blockchain-based, running on 3 top blockchain software - Ethereum, BSC, and GateChain, you always get transparency at every step. Moreover, Quik aims to assist businesses with the latest blockchain technologies. With such advanced technologies, companies can delineate their purchases without the involvement of any third-party entities.

It also offers an advanced search feature to assist companies in getting NFT domains easily. The sellers at Quik can get 5%-10% royalties on every future sale of their NFT domains.

Now that you know the NFT domain and its basics, let us understand how to mint.

What is NFT domain minting?

Minting is nothing but a process of registering the domain in a blockchain using your cryptocurrency wallet to get full domain authority. This means that no one else has authority over it other than the rightful owner.

Once minted, the domain will stay in your crypto wallet, just like an NFT. Quik will have no control or access over the domain once it is minted. Nobody can take it from you; hence you will be the permanent owner forever!

How to mint or claim an NFT on Quik?

At Quik, you can easily mint an NFT domain with the following steps. It barely takes 10 minutes to do so! So, no hassle or worries, mint safe, easy only with Quik!

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Locate the search bar on Quik’s homepage (present on the top) and start typing the domain name you wish to purchase for your business.

Step 3: Your types of domains will appear. If your chosen domain is not there, choose from the suggestions provided.

Step 4: Click on Mint. Approve the transaction on the Ethereum blockchain, and once the transaction is approved, the domain is automatically transferred to your Ethereum wallet.

Step 5: Visit your profile to view your domain name & its associated NFT artwork.

Team Quik.