ENS Domains Alternative - Quik is Here

Launched in March 2022, Quik.world is an ENS Domains alternative that makes minting and trading NFT domains efficient and effortless. You also get a good value for your initial efforts in the long run with Quik's lifetime royalty.

Quik NFT Domains Do More

Each of our NFT domains offers more functionalities than just offering crypto wallet addresses like ENS Domains. You can use a Quik domain for easy crypto transactions, enter into the decentralized web, and use them as a universal identity across the internet

NFT Domain Minting Made Easy with Quik

Quik makes it incredibly simple to mint and trade blockchain domains. You can sign up or log in with your Metamask wallet, much like ENS Domains, and start minting right away. It takes less than 10 minutes to mint a Quik NFT domain!

You Get Exclusive TLDs

ENS Domains works with the .ETH and .LUKE extensions in the second domain zone. Though ENS Domains is similar to Quik, it does not offer a top-level domain (TLD). On the other hand, you can get exclusive TLDs like .metaverse, .chain, .vr, and .btc on Quik.

Get Lifetime Ownership With No Renewal

Unlike ENS Domains that need periodic renewal at a required fee, you get lifetime ownership of Quik blockchain domains with a one-time purchase cost.

Efficient Management of All Quik NFT Domains

Like ENS Domains, You can trade your crypto domains on Opensea.io and other marketplaces using Quik's smooth integration system. The available NFT domain TLDs are based on the Ethereum blockchain. We plan to add more chains to the Quik ecosystem as the platform grows, including Binance Smart Chain and Gate Chain.

Get Crypto Asset Portability, Build Brand in Web 3.0, and More with Quik Domains

You can develop decentralized websites and NFT galleries on Quik NFT domains. It offers our domains an added advantage over ENS Domains. Quik domain names also serve as a universal identifier across Web 3.0, letting you create your brand on the internet of tomorrow.

Crypto domains Quik offers are NFTs you can store in your crypto wallet. When you use our NFT domains as a universal identifier, it includes all of your digital assets. This data portability enables switching from one metaverse to another much easier.

Similarities Between Quik and ENS Domains

  • Both Quik and ENS Domains are based on smart contracts.
  • We bypass traditional domain name registrars and allow users to create a human-readable address for easy crypto transactions.
  • You can use NFT domains offered by Quik and ENS Domains to log in to various Web 3.0 websites and DApps.
  • You will need crypto wallets like Metamask to purchase domain names offered by both projects.
  • Once you finalize the transaction in your wallet, you will gain permissionless and full custody over your blockchain domains.
  • You can transfer, manage, and sell domain names offered by ENS Domains and Quik using hardware wallets or marketplaces.

What Makes Quik Different?

ENS Domains are a non-profit organization supported by the Ethereum Foundation. Whereas Quik is a private company co-founded by Sahil Kohli in 2022. You can use it to purchase NFT domains. Quik doesn't sell .ETH domains, instead, you can mint or purchase exclusive TLDs like:

Both Quik and ENS Domains offer users innovative ways to purchase blockchain domains without any hassles related to purchasing traditional domain names.

One unique advantage of ENS Domains over us is its democratic approach to operation. As an ENS holder, you can vote on the future policies on the DAO, allowing you to influence any upcoming features. You will also be able to submit your own proposals if you hold 100k votes.

In contrast, we at Quik offer our users an easier way to mint, purchase, and trade NFT domains while also offering several other features to give you a smooth journey towards Web 3.0. It makes us a more friendly platform, particularly for new users.

Moreover, all domains you mint or purchase on Quik are owned for life. It removes the recurring renewal costs and offers users full power over how they wish to utilize their crypto domains. If you mint your NFT domains on Quik, you are also entitled to 5 to 10% royalties for a lifetime on every subsequent sale of your domain, offering a long-term benefit for your initial efforts.

We Aim to Bring More to the Table

We intend to add more TLDs and develop an innovative Quik web extension as we grow with Quik.world.

Browsers like Brave and Opera support NFT domains, including blockchain domain names offered by ENS Domains. We are confident that more browsers will offer crypto domain accessibility in the future.

Regardless, Quik plans to release its browser extension as soon as possible to ensure that our domains are supported in Chrome.

Quik currently supports Metamask and Trust Wallet, but we hope to enable more wallets in the future. Our goal is to make your Web 3.0 transition seamless, and we need to ensure that our NFT domains work with the wallets you hold.

Our Journey So Far

We started Quik.world with a simple goal, to bridge the innovation gap for Web 3.0, the next iteration of the web, democratization. Our peer, ENS Domains, has built the foundation of NFT domains that revolutionize the domain name market. They have a similar aim but a different angle, with each of us offering varied advantages.

At Quik, we always listen to our community members. And through your feedback, we have made several new launches and improvements over the past few months.

Together, including ENS Domains and our other peers, we aim to make your Web 3.0 venture easier, faster, and more secure. We want to catalyze the innovation toward the internet of tomorrow.

We incredibly value the feedback we receive from community members and are proud of our journey so far. Quik will keep on making smaller improvements to reach our bigger goals.

Here are our favorite improvements so far:

  • Availing Profile Photos and Verified Profiles: We availed profile photos as many of you wanted to display your NFT domain artwork. When you resell your crypto domains on Quik, you get an additional layer of trust with profile verification. We are also working on customizable landing pages so you may showcase your NFT domain names.
  • Making Reselling Easier on Opensea: In May, we upgraded our Ethereum contracts to correspond with the functionalities recommended by marketplaces such as Opensea. We implemented the improvements to make it easier for you to resell your Quik domains on NFT marketplaces.

Yes, there is still more to be done, and we are dedicated to accomplishing our goal. We're even eager to see what more we can do!

Try Quik Now

Evaluate Quik yourself by minting our NFT domain. And if you ever want to sell your Quik domains, we have made it easier for you within the Quik ecosystem and other marketplaces, including Opensea. We also offer support to businesses looking to develop their presence in Web 3.0.

Let's explore the future together! Get minting on Quik.world.