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The .VR Domain Names are TLDs based on Ethereum Blockchain. Each NFT domain has a unique value of its own inside the Quik ecosystem. Each name is unique and can be minted just once on first minting basis. .VR domain name minters get 5% royalty on all future sales of that particular name. Each NFT domain will be used in the future for several benefits inside the Quik Ecosystem, which includes hosting your web page, and using the NFT domain name as a replacement to your long cryptocurrency wallet address. Other uses might be discovered as the Quik ecosystem advances. Visit for more details.

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FAQ for vr domains

VR or Virtual Reality is a creative combination of imaginary elements and real-life elements simulated for interaction through computer programs. It is basically a 3 Dimensional replication of a life-sized world where users are able to freely explore as an entity using various hardware and software.

VR names are VR domain names that are the decentralized domain of virtual reality, dotvr (.vr), which are exclusively available for grabs on with a wide range of VR domain name collections and also customize your unique VR domain option. has VR domains available with the dotvr VR domain extension, which allows users to get their hands on VR domain names and connect or host their decentralized VR activity with a VR domain name. VR domain names also compress the same properties as NFT domain names, as all these decentralized domains fall under the same tree but have different branches.

VR domains are top-level VR domain names available on the Ethereum blockchain. They are essentially NFT domain names since the main characteristic, features, and results of NFT domains and VR domains are the same, making them equal. Vr domains can be minted on, with a wide range of VR domain names available for grabs with the dotvr extensions. These are also classified as digital assets that can be used with any other blockchain domain name. They can also be listed and sold on

VR domain names have the same applications that are carried by any other blockchain domain name. If the basis of what you plan to create is a VR domain website on Web 3.0, the dotvr VR domain extension available on will help your website stand out owing to the dotvr VR domain extension available on Apart from that, VR domain names can do anything that any other NFT domain name is capable of, such as connecting to a crypto wallet address or being your decentralized identity.

There is special hardware designed specifically for VR games and worlds such as the trigger glove that allows you to feel things in virtual reality. The game sends vibratory signals to the glove when an element of touch is encountered in the game. Following this, the glove translates the signals into various changes in temperature and pressure on your hand. The functionality depends on the hardware that you are using.

VR or virtual reality works by creating a distortion in images panning and shifting angles sensed through a sensor that detects movement in your eyes. This distortion in images creates a 3-dimensional perspective that allows us to view the virtual images in the same way that our eyes perceive the real world. Taking advantage of this effect, a complete industry of content creation has emerged in the VR world.

A virtual reality headset is something you would require to see things in virtual reality. There are many different versions of virtual reality and 3D headsets in the market that you can choose from. Check for compatibility and connect your device to the VR headset and then play the VR-supported game or watch a VR-supported movie.