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.chain domain names



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Royalty for minter

The .CHAIN Domain Names are TLDs based on Ethereum Blockchain. Each NFT domain has a unique value of its own inside the Quik ecosystem. Each name is unique and can be minted just once on first minting basis. .CHAIN domain name minters get 5% royalty on all future sales of that particular name. Each NFT domain will be used in the future for several benefits inside the Quik Ecosystem, which includes hosting your web page, and using the NFT domain name as a replacement to your long cryptocurrency wallet address. Other uses might be discovered as the Quik ecosystem advances. Visit for more details.

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FAQ for chain domains

Blockchain is a public ledger or a record of transactions being made and recorded into progressive blocks on a network of several computers. This technology has given birth to cryptocurrency, smart contracts, decentralization, the concept of Web 3.0, and much more. The applications of blockchain are many yet to be found as we move ahead into a new era.

Chain domain names TLDs on the Ethereum blockchain ending with .chain. They are NFT domain names that can be used to build decentralized websites (after launch of the feature on the Quik Ecosystem).. They can do everything a normal NFT domain name would do but would be very beneficial for a decentralized website based on the blockchain niche. Otherwise, they are blockchain domains ending with the extension, .chain.

The blockchain works by adding a certain amount of information to a memory storage block on a public ledger. When the block is filled with information, then the next block is created to store information on the network of computers. This technology is decentralized, highly transparent, verifiable at any point in time, and also highly secure.

.chain domain names are also NFT domain names. Once minted they can be used for all the purposes served by any other NFT domain name. They can be used to build decentralized websites or simply connect them to the crypto wallet for easier transactions.

No, once the NFT domain names are minted then the owner gets to own the NFT domain name until they decide to sell it or transfer it to someone else. .chain domains or any other domain names act as digital assets so once you mint one it's yours. There are no hidden or renewal fees involved.

As in the case of any other NFT domain name, .chain domain names can be stored on crypto wallets. Since they are digital assets on the blockchain, keys can be generated for them and those can be stored online or offline wallets to be accessed later whenever required.