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FAQ for btc domains

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency or virtual currency, that is expected to operate as money and a form of payment while being independent of any one person, organization, or entity, eliminating this need for third-party engagement in financial transactions. It is given to blockchain miners in exchange for their efforts in verifying transactions and can be bought on numerous platforms. Satoshi Nakamoto, an unidentified developer or group of developers, first announced Bitcoin to the world in 2009.

.btc domain names can be connected to your crypto wallets to act as wallet addresses. Now these .btc domain names can be used as BTC addresses to transfer cryptocurrencies or other digital assets from someone else's wallet to yours. Since the default wallet addresses are cumbersome and long, these .btc NFT domain names make it easier to make transactions via crypto wallets.

BTC domain names are TLDs on the Ethereum blockchain. They are basically NFT domain names that are minted on the blockchain and can be used to create decentralized websites (after launch of the feature on the Quik Ecosystem) among various other applications. They can be minted on and end with a blockchain extension of .btc. They are digital assets that can be used as any other blockchain domain name. They can also be listed and sold on

All you need to do is search for your preferred .btc NFT domain name on Quik search. Once you find it, you will need to check if it is available. If it is available then you will be able to mint it for yourself. If it isn't available then you can buy it from the current owner if it has been listed for sale by them. If not then you will have to contact them to show interest in buying their NFT domain name.

Mint your first btc domain name by searching for the same on the Quik search bar. Once you find the one that you are looking for then you will be able to mint it if it has not been minted before. If it has been minted before then you will have to buy it from the current user

You can import your dot btc domain name to the account and then list it for sale on Quik’s P2P marketplace. When someone interested offers a price you will have the option of accepting the offer to sell your .btc domain name.