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.address domain names



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0.25 ETH

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0.5 ETH

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Royalty for minter

The .ADDRESS Domain Names are TLDs based on Ethereum Blockchain. Each NFT domain has a unique value of its own inside the Quik ecosystem. Each name is unique and can be minted just once on first minting basis. .address domain name minters get 5% royalty on all future sales of that particular name. Each NFT domain will be used in the future for several benefits inside the Quik Ecosystem, which includes hosting your web page, and using the NFT domain name as a replacement to your long cryptocurrency wallet address. Other uses might be discovered as the Quik ecosystem advances. Visit for more details.

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FAQ for address domains

Address domain names are TLDs on the Ethereum blockchain. They are basically NFT domain names that are minted on the blockchain and can be used to create decentralized websites among various other applications. They can be minted on and end with a blockchain extension of .address. They are digital assets that can be used as any other blockchain domain name. They can also be listed and sold on

To buy an address NFT domain name you should visit Here you can search and find your preferred NFT domain name that ends in the .address extension. If it hasn't been minted yet then you will be able to get it minted on the blockchain for yourself. Otherwise, you will have to buy it from the current owner of the NFT domain name at a mutually decided price.

These are also NFT domain names like any other crypto domain. They can be used to develop websites on Web 3.0 (after launch of the feature on the Quik Ecosystem) or be connected as wallet addresses or even used to copyright works of art such as paintings or music. Anything an NFT domain name would be able to do can be done using a .address NFT domain.

To mint, your first NFT dot address NFT domain name, go to and search for the desired dor address NFT domain name that ends in .address. Once you find it check for its availability. This shows if it has already been minted. If it has not been minted before then you will be able to mint it for yourself on the Ethereum blockchain.

Yes, since it is an NFT domain name, it can function as the address for your cryptocurrency wallet. This will allow you to easily make transactions using an easier address in the form of your dot address NFT domain rather than a cumbersome and long numerical wallet address.

If you ever wish to sell off your dot address NFT domain name then all you need to do is to go to and then Import it to the platform from your wallet using your crypto wallet address. Then you can create a listing to sell your address for a fixed price or wait for an offer.