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Unlock the future of blockchain with Quik NFT domains marketplace. The decentralized internet is becoming a reality; seize this opportunity before it's too late.

Quik in numbers


03 Blockchains

Integrated with Ethereum, BSC & GateChain


10 TLDs

Alpha Launch with 10 NFT Domain TLDs


Full Ownership

No renewal fees and 100% ownership


5-10% Royalty

Minters Earn Lifetime Royalty on Every Sale

Why Quik?

We aim to allow anyone to mint, list, sell, and purchase blockchain domains far easier and quicker. Our blockchain-based transactions are secure, transparent, and don't need any third party.

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Today's business environment depends heavily on large centralized corporations. With blockchain, companies can streamline their approaches and trace their transactions without an intermediary.

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We aim to deliver high-quality demand to our sellers, along with 5% royalties on every future sale to the minter of that particular domain. Our buyers will get an advanced search system, allowing them to purchase blockchain domains with minimum effort.

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Quik: An Open Marketplace for Blockchain Domains

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